Introduction to Neurofeedback Online Training – 36 hour BCIA Approved Training.

Boston Nerodynamics Neurofeedback in Boston

Boston NeuroDynamics is dedicated to your well-being. We developed integrative treatment modalities for clients experiencing various conditions using innovative but proven therapies, especially neurofeedback.

We combine evidence-based, state-of-the-art technology, and effective therapeutic approaches to help our clients make significant, long-lasting improvements to their quality of life.  Our professionals treat a wide variety of conditions using drug-free, non-invasive methods in person and at home settings. We include a number of innovative therapies in our approach to improve mental and emotional health, including neurofeedback, biofeedback, neuromodulation and others.

At the heart of our approach is one simple idea: “informed self-regulation.” To put it very simply: we help you understand how your brain activity impacts your feelings, thoughts, behavior and functionality, and work with you to develop healthier strategies that can improve positive emotions, behaviors and symptoms. 

The good news is: you’ve come to the right place to learn more about who we are, who we help, and how it works.

Who Are We?

We are a diverse group of professionals that includes researchers, clinicians and associates. Our team’s understanding of the neurophysiological mechanisms and experience in self-regulatory approaches lets us take a research-driven approach to designing individualized evidence-based therapies. We got into this field because we care and are passionate about using the most effective therapeutic techniques to empower each and every client.

Who We Help

Our clients come from all walks of life. Every individual’s story is unique. But what they all have in common is a desire for a more effective, long-lasting treatment of one or more conditions that are hampering their ability to enjoy a better quality of life. Most importantly, we get to know our clients as individuals, and treat each person rather than their label/diagnosis. 

Conventional therapeutic techniques, such as therapy and medication, can be very helpful. However, many of our clients have found increased long-term benefits when including neurofeedback and biofeedback (and more) as part of their treatment.


Attention: ADHD & ADD




Helps cope with Epilepsy




Emotional Regulation


Helps cope with TBI




PSTD & Trauma


Developmental Trauma




Sleep Issues


Learning Disabilities


Help cope with Tinnitus


Peak Performance


Behavioral Regulation



How It Works

We start with an initial evaluation that we call the brain mapping. It consists of using objective information of your electrical brain activity, as well as subjective information from you — your history, symptoms and goals. Combining these allow us to work with you to develop a customized treatment plan. Depending on your specific needs, we often recommend combining neurofeedback with other therapies, such as biofeedback, neuromodulation, and/or talk therapy for a better result.

Boston Neurodynamics helps people help themselves. Our highly skilled professionals make this possible by applying cutting-edge technology, staying up-to-date on the research, and utilizing a variety of techniques to create individualized treatment plans. We work with our clients to address the root causes, reinforce healthier patterns, and improve their quality of life now, and in the future.

New Trainings in 2024!

 Are you a professional interested in learning about neurofeedback? We have four upcoming trainings:

March 5, 2024 – May 7, 2024 (weekly on Tuesdays from 10am – 2:30pm ET)
Introduction to Neurofeedback: A 36-hour BCIA approved Didactic Training
In English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.
Live Virtual (ZOOM)

March 7, 2024 – April 25, 2024 (weekly on Thursdays from 12pm – 3:30pm ET)
Functional Neuroanatomy Course
BCIA Approved for board certifciation in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback
Live Virtual (ZOOM) and On Demand

May 20-22, 2024
From Protocol Development to Conducting a Neurofeedback Session: Theory and Hands-on Practicum
In-person (Boston, MA)

May 23-24, 2024 
Using neurofeedback and biofeedback to treat people with Developmental Trauma and PTSD
In-person (Boston, MA) and Live Virtual (ZOOM)

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