frequently asked questions

Why is Boston NeuroDynamics different?

Here at Boston NeuroDynamics we are a culturally diverse group and take pride in our highly individualized and holistic approach to brain training.

We combine neurofeedback, biofeedback, talk therapy, and many other modalities to help you acheive your goals. Our brain mapping includes a qEEG, ERP, and intake forms to understand the whole picture. We then use this to work together to create and indivudual t plan.

Boston NeuroDynamics has an incredible team of clinicians and associates that are here to support you on your journey. Read more about us and our team here.

What is neurofeedback and how does it work?

Neurofeedback is a process with a few different steps. We start off with a brain mapping and intake. Then together, we use that information to develop a plan, which can include neurofeedback, biofeedback, therapy, and more. The neurofeedback sessions themselves are based on real time feedback to help train your brain. Because neurofeedback is a learning process, it takes time for your brain to learn and we are constantly checking in, re-evalulating, and modifying our plan.

Learn more about Neurofeedback here.

What is brain map (qEEg) and how does it work?

Brain mapping is the first step in Neurofeedback training. A qEEG, or Quantitative Electroencephalography, is an assessment where we record the electrical activity of the brain (EEG) from 19 locations on the scalp. This is non-invasive, passive and just records what is going on. We then compare this to a “normal” data set to determine what areas of the brain and what activity we want to train.

Learn more about Brain Mapping here.

Do I need neurofeedback, therapy or both?

It depends! Our philosophy at Boston NeuroDynamics is one helps the other – they work synergistically. Please contact us to find out what would work best for you!

How much does it cost?

As of December 1, 2019, our prices have changed. Please contact us at (617)855-9295 to hear about our pricing – including discounts for combining brain mapping & neurofeedback and the early bird registration for our training.

Does insurance cover neurofeedback?
That depents on your insurance company and plan. Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with the insurance codes to check on!
Do I need a referral from my doctor?

You do not need a referral from your doctor to work with us. However, if your are working with a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist we will often communicate with them (under your consent) to make sure we help you in the best possible way.

Is Boston Neurodynamics accessible by T?
Yes! Take the C Train (Green Line) to Coolidge Corner. From there you can walk to Boston NeuroDynamics in less than a minute.
What is the parking situation
Parking is available in the surrounding area.

Free 2 Hour Parking: Green Street and Dwight Street both have free 2 hour parking available – there are always available spots on these streets, and it’s only a 5 minute (or less) walk from our office.

Paid 2 Hour Parking: Lot 11 (behind the Coolidge Corner Theatre) offers 2 hour metered parking. Metered parking is also available on both sides of Beacon Street.

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