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Psychiatric Services in Boston

Our holistic approach to treating each person includes collaborative decision making about prescription medication. 

By combining psychiatric services with other modalities, we hope to best serve our clients.

Accepting new patients

What Psychiatric Services do we offer?


We offer a variety of psychiatric services including:

  • New Client Intake
  • Follow up sessions
  • Medication Management
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychedelic Integration

Our psychiatric services can be integrated with other modalities including neurofeedback, biofeedback, photobiomodualtion, and bio-regulation therapy. Learn more about our other treatment modalities here.

Psychiatric specialties


  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorders
  • ADHD
  • Peak performance
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Our Integrative Approach


Our approach to patient care draws on a range of therapeutic modalities, and is custom tailored to each individual and his or her needs. Treatment plans may include elements of psychopharmacology, psychodynamic psychotherapy, internal family systems, mindfulness-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga and breathwork, neurofeedfback, biofeedback, and more! 



Psychiatrist, Neurofeedback Clinician ⋅ he/his ⋅



What to Expect


The first visit consists of a thorough psychiatric intake and review of your past history. This includes a discussion of current symptoms, past treatment efforts, and goals for treatment.

We will work together to develop a customized treatment plan, which may include elements of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and/or neurofeedback.

Follow-up appointments will range from 20-60 minutes and can span from straightforward medication check-ins to in-depth therapeutic work. It will always be a collaborative effort. 


Insurance Infomation


We are considered out-of-network providers, so you would pay us upfront and then get reimbursed through your insurance company depending on your coverage.

Generally, psychiatric services are covered under many insurance plans. We recommend calling your insurance company directly to find out about your coverage for out-of-network providers.

If you would like the CPT codes that we use, email us at

Frequently asked Questions


Whom do you treat?

Adults age 18-65

Are the sessions in-person or virtual?

In person only for neurofeedback and biofeedback therapy.

We are able to do virtual med and therapy visits on Tuesday and Thursday during business hours only.

What type of psychiatric care do you provide?

  • Individual therapy
  • Medication management