Introduction to Neurofeedback Online Training – 36 hour BCIA Approved Training.

Supervsion &


Ainat and Diana are certified as BCIA* and ISNR mentors and happy to work with you, either in person or on ZOOM.

Supervision & Mentoring at BND


Our goal is to train you to become a neurofeedback practitioner – where you will understand the why and how behind what you are doing. This means learning to develop individualized protocols for each of your clients, track their sessions, and make adjustments. We use client goals, brain mappings, symptoms and research. We believe that just as each client is different, so should their protocol!

We are using a variety of treatment modalities, including neurofeedback, biofeedback and therapy. You can read about the treatment modalities we use here.

While we work with a variety of conditions, we specialize in trauma (including developmental trauma, PTSD, dissociation), developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, attention (ADD/ADHD), and epilepsy. 

*These hours fulfill the BCIA requirement for becoming a BCIA certified neurofeedback clinician or technician.