Professional Training

Our Introduction to Neurofeedback is a 36 hour BCIA accredited Certified Training Course.
It fulfills all the criteria of didactic training necessary for BCIA board certification in Neurofeedback.

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A 36-hour BCIA Certified Didatic Course

BCIA Board Certified in Neurofeedback Gold Logo


Ainat Rogel, PhD, MSW, BCN, LICSW
Diana Martinez, MD, MSc, PhD, BCN
Leon Morales-Quezada, MD
Mirret M. El-Hagrassy, MD

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Upcoming Trainings

October 26-30, 2021

in English

In-person and Online Options

Depending on the CDC and Massachusetts State COVID-19 guidelines, we will have limmited in-person spots avaialble, please contact us at for more information!

Online option will be live on ZOOM, with Q&A sessions and chat. The training will be recorded for participants who will have to miss any sessions. 

** EARLY BIRD discount available if payment is received in full by September 26**


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or contact us at

23 Septiembre – 23 Octubre, 2021


VIRTUAL TRAINING en Español (in Spanish)

CURSO DE CERTIFICACIÓN BCIA 36-Horas que ofrece NeoCemod en colaboración con Boston Neurodynamics


Para más información, contactanos en



“Thank you for having me and all of us.
Ainat and Diana’s passion for [Neurofeedback] teaching and research is infectious!”

— Rafay, MD


“I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful and inspiring experience. You are both impressive professionals who clearly operate with strength and compassion. It was very special to be a part of something that is obviously only going to grow with momentum.”

— Pamela, Psychologist


” Overall, I thought the training was great. I arrived back home feeling inspired and needed a couple of weeks to let it all percolate and settle in. Thank you for your professionalism and efforts across the board! The teaching was clear and it was great to have Leon and Mirret…I can’t wait to get started!”

— Anonymous, Psychologst


“It was amazing and I thank you so much for all your work! My brain is buzzing still.”

— Holly, Behavioralist


“I want to thank you and all of your associates and colleagues at Boston NeuroDynamics.  The work, expertise and desire to make neurofeedback more widely known and accepted is evident.  It was a memorable and solid training.”

— Anonymous, PhD

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