Introduction to Neurofeedback Online Training – 36 hour BCIA Approved Training.

Why We’re Different

Our mission statement highlights many of our strengths, but simply put, we stand out for three reasons. First, we employ state-of-the-art technology. Second, we work with you to create a highly personalized treatment plan. Third, we empower our clients to create long-lasting positive change.

What differentiates Boston NeuroDynamics from other therapy providers?



State-of-the-art technology

We use technology first and foremost as a tool to inform the therapies and treatment plans we create for you. Our research team identifies cutting-edge therapies and techniques, investigates their applications for specific conditions, and identifies best practices for maximizing both their immediate and long-term effectiveness. We don’t employ technology simply for technology’s sake — rather, for each individual we work together to decide on which modalities work best.


Highly personalized treatment plan

Each person is different and so is their treatment plan. As part of the process, your clinician will explain the findings from your brain map and identify the functional areas of your brain that we want to focus on. Together, they will work with you on a one-on-one basis to develop a program of therapies and treatments that will address these areas. We guide you to gain awareness for the way your brain is functioning, and furthermore, how to improve it.


Long-lasting positive change

Self-improvement is a lifelong process, and continues after your therapy and treatment plan ends. Boston Neurodynamics’ goal is to empower our clients to maintain the quality of life improvements they realize through our programs long after their last session with a clinician. By training the brain and bringing awareness to the changes that are happening, the impact of neurofeedback continues beyond the sessions, with the aim of long-lasting positive change in your quality of life.

Our Approach


We work with you to create a unique treatment plan. You will work directly with one clinician and have all your sessions one-on-one with them. Each session will be individually created to fit your needs and often includes a combination of techniques—including biofeedback and neurofeedback—to help achieve your goals.

Brain Map-Based Treatments


Our neurofeedback protocols are directly based on your brain mapping and your symptoms. We use the brain mapping to see exactly what areas of the brain we want to train and how we want to train them. After the brain mapping, we work directly with you to understand your symptoms and decide together on what areas of the brain to train. In this way, each protocol is individualized and unique to you.

Holistic Approach


We believe that neurofeedback is one (large) piece of the puzzle, since it targets the source of what is going on inside the brain. During the brain mapping, we gather both objective information (from the brain mapping) and subjective information (through questionnaires and talking with you). Using this comprehensive picture, we determine together what treatments make the most sense to incorporate. Oftentimes we see the best results when neurofeedback is combined with therapy, biofeedback and other treatment modalities, such as photobiomodulation, bio-regulation therapy, and tDCS.

Research-Based Therapies


We are scientists who follow research-based neurofeedback. Our goal is for you to understand how neurofeedback works, what protocols are being used, and why we are making those decisions. We are happy to share the research we have done, currently working on, and relevant studies to your symptoms so you can understand the science behind neurofeedback.

Home-Based Options


Our unique home based program will provide you with the equipment, training, and one-on-one remote sessions that you need to either start or continue doing neurofeedback, biofeedback, and/or therapy from home!

Multicultural & Multinational


Here at Boston NeuroDynamics, we believe in diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Our women-led team integrates a variety of different cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, and languages. We come from all over the world. We speak English, Spanish, and Hebrew at home.

While our office is located in Watertown, Massachusetts, we work with clients and practitioners around the US and internationally. We supervise clinicians and provide professional trainings and certification courses all over the world. We are actively involved in international associations and promote and conduct research. We value our diversity, and are always looking to expand our network and growing around the globe.

Our Clients


We help individuals experiencing a wide variety of symptoms, conditions, needs and goals. We work with clients of all ages, from young children, to adolescents and older adults. We treat people with a wide variety of backgrounds, financial situations, and diagnoses/symptoms. We listen to your story, where you are coming from, and what you want to achieve, and work with you as an individual.